A love for detail
makes complex work

Andreas Guggenbühl, Founder & CEO, Zurich
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Andreas Guggenbühl Founder & CEO, Zurich

Andreas develops the editing techniques and conducts the quality inspection and production. He studied mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ).

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Michael Berli Founder & CTO, Zurich

Michael is responsible for the IT development and 3D visualisations. He has a degree in computer sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ).

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Sandra Guggenbühl CCO, Berlin

Sandra is the manager and coordinator for fashion developments and corporate identity. She graduated from the University of Basel.


It all started with the two founders of SELFNATION, Andreas Guggenbühl and Michael Berli, spending two solid hours with their girlfriends looking for a well-fitting pair of women’s jeans. Not a single one would fit. That is when the two techs decided to take matters into their own hands. In 2013, together with Creative Director Sandra Guggenbühl and a designer, they laid the foundation for SELFNATION in Berlin.

Today SELFNATION is very much shaped by the Berlin spirit, where Head of Design Elinei Herrmann plans the new styles and colours of our trousers. In collaboration with a fashion designer and expert tailors with many years of experience, the business concept of SELFNATION was developed with customer needs in mind. The goal is to combine design with innovative technology for custom-tailored, computer-optimised styles.

The connection between the art of engineering and fashion design is at the heart of SELFNATION. We believe that we can bring about a positive change in the world of fashion by means of new and clever approaches. Since the launch in 2013, our team in Zurich and Berlin has been working daily on manufacturing the best jeans and chinos that you will have ever worn. These are handcrafted with a passion for detail in our partner factory in Switzerland.

SELFNATION broke into the fashion industry with jeans for women. Due to high demand, a year later we introduced jeans for men. Since 2016, custom-tailored chinos and shorts are also available and can be purchased in our online shop.